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Each of these write ups are informational and educational in nature. Most on this page are penned by J. Michael, those which are not, have been designated as such.

"If I've offended you, deal with it. If you are impressed, I'm disappointed. If you don't understand, ask and learn. If you were forced to think, I have succeeded." -J.M.

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Barack Hussein Obama: His Ideas for Change and Hope

U.S. Financial Crisis: What Got us Here, and the Only True Way Out

An Open Letter to Congress RE: Oil Crisis

Oil Truths

Open Letter to Congressman Ted Poe

Climate Change: Science and Fiction

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Privatizing Social Security

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Politicians Block U.S. Independence Day Celebration - By Assemblyman John Campbell

Presidential Curse of Tecumseh (Updated)


America The Beautiful

America: The Good Neighbor - Tribute to the U.S.A.

Boo Who

Call it Like it Is - 03/10/01

Change - 02/26/01

George W. Bush's Testimony

Get What You Pay For (And Elect) - Reportedly from a Harrier pilot, USMC.

Government Benefits

Grandma Died Today - A Tribute to Grandma and Grandpa

Indicative of trust, integrity and more.

It's Killing Me - 02/20/01

Many down, More to Go

Prayer from the Kansas State Senate

President Bush Our Great Leader

Pro-choice? - Things for Thought

Prove it! - Philosophy style

Such Turmoil

The American Struggle - 01/22/01

The American Struggle Continues - 09/26/01

Tribute to American Vets - By J. Michael

What Crisis? - Written September, '00

Where's Eddie? - In Memory of Grandma and Grandpa

Who Goes?

Who's Rights?

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