Government Soon to be Dealing Drugs
    Forcing businesses to do the Dirty Work

by J. Michael

In April of 2005, a New Jersey Senator (Frank Lautenberg) and a New York Congresswoman (Carolyn Maloney), led the way amongst other lawmakers to force businesses to deal drugs. My question is, where do we draw the line? How far can government go in passing laws telling private citizens and businesses what they can or cannot do?

The drugs they are talking about are known as "the morning after" pill - a controversial drug among some who consider them a form of abortion. Regardless of your viewpoint of the drug itself, if individual pharmacies choose not to distribute this particular drug, shouldn't that be their choice? What happened to the Pro-choice crowd? The same politicians (who happen to be democratic) who so strongly support freedom of choice, are now attempting to take that freedom away from pharmacies all over this country.

If a health food store decides not to sell Aspirin because they feel it is not healthy, should they be forced to stock it anyway? What if a grocery store doesn't like a particular brand of cough syrup, should they be forced to sell it? What are the guidelines - where are the boundaries? What is ok and what isn't? I'd like these overreaching, contradictive politicians to explain to me when we do have a free choice, and when we must let government mandate our decisions.

Here is a proposal for you Mr. Lautenberg and Ms. Maloney; if you're going to give the right to a mother to choose to terminate her baby, how about you give the right to a business to follow their own moral compass?

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