Such Turmoil

Jan. 16, 2001

By J. Michael

Allow me to bring to light some issues of recent which have been twisted and undermined as well as laced with deception.

Does anyone find it peculiar that we can vote in a President, yet our democratic politicians still won't accept it, nor will they accept the nominations of that new President? Recall, if you will, just a few short years ago how Clinton supporters insisted that the personal life of our nations leader should have no effect on his ability to lead a public office. We were told to leave him alone and to admire the great things he's done for this country. (I'm still waiting for someone to show me some of these great things.)

Now the tables have turned and we have a man in office, who isn't perfect, he isn't right on every issue and he will continue to make mistakes. However, Mr. Bush is full of integrity, has a moral conviction and realizes that not only himself personally, but our country as a whole needs God. This man has nominated John Ashcroft as the Attorney General. John, the son of a Pentecostal pastor, is outspoken about his faith, his moral convictions and his determination to do what is right. Again, not a perfect man who is without faults. None of us are, but he does have a sincere heart and a determined will.

Senate hearings are now underway in order to determine if Ashcroft should be allowed to take the position of Attorney General. Is he under qualified? Does he have a deep dark past secret which could conflict with his position? Has he been charged with criminal action? No, Mr. Ashcroft is being accused of letting his moral values interfere with his upholding of the law. The same moral values given to us by God himself, the same morals which originally led to the formation of our laws, they are now being turned against Mr. John Ashcroft.

So let's get this straight, Clinton can be charged with rape, he can have murderous scandals in his background, a history of drug abuse, sexual affairs, money laundering and a whole list of other charges of illegal activity, yet we can't hold that against him. However, a man of incredible integrity and moral belief, is being scrutinized, degraded, threatened and cheated.

The worlds best deceiver has always intertwined truth with fiction in order to successfully fulfill his devious plans. Therefore it is all the more essential that we continue a dedicated persistence in seeking truth using wisdom and discernment. Unfortunately for society, this requires much effort and is certainly more difficult than letting things slide, therefore many choose not to act.

It's a sad day in America, a very, very sad day.

God's Country

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