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Minnesota Winter Scenes! - Click Here

13 folds of the U.S. Flag - Traditional meaning

A Mothers Crown

A Physician Looks at Jesus' Death by Crucifixion

Bad American - According to the liberals!

Connection Between the Spiritual and Physical Worlds

Darrell Scott Testimony - Parent of Columbine Victim

First Congressional Prayer

Grandma Died Today - A Tribute

Happy Mothers Day - By Patricia Nordman

If I Were the Devil - Paul Harvey

I Have A Dream; By Martin Luther King, Jr.

I Want to Tell You Lies - Dedicated to Emergency Personnel

Many down, More to Go

My Wishes for You - From Paul Harvey

Never Alone - Near Death/Out of Body Experience.

Prayer from the Kansas State Senate

Profile of a Prime Timer - "The Good Old Days"

Prove it! - Philosophy style

The American Struggle - 01/22/01

The U.S. Government

The Rib - God's Message to Men and Women - Added February 12, 01

Ultimate Sacrifice- Added February 15, 01

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