Open Letter to Congressman Ted Poe

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Published June 20, 2008

Preface: The following was written as an open letter to Congressman Ted Poe in response to his address on the Congressional energy policy and CFL light bulbs.
The original 5 minute video address by Mr. Poe can be seen here.

Dear Congressman,

'Twas a night very recent, when all through the House
Hardly a creature was thinking, not even an ounce;

The congress was in session, with few in their chair,
You'd think for their salary, more would be there;

The Americans were hustled to and from work,
Few have any idea that congress has gone berserk;

Watching the events that would unfold on that day,
Is it any wonder that for this country we must pray,

When on to the floor a refreshing voice was heard,
The message he spoke didn't sound so absurd.

I flew open the window and shouted over the fence,
At last a congressman with some simple common sense!!

Mr. Poe, I had the opportunity to see your recent address regarding compact fluorescent light bulbs. I believe you made your point with a compelling argument. Congress continues to legislate this country into a plastic bubble, unknowingly suffocating the people they are charged to protect.

I find it ironic that these bulbs, which are erroneously touted as helping to save the planet, are actually causing far more harm than good. The impacts of mercury in our soil and in our water are far more deadly than the trace amounts of additional carbon dioxide produced from burning traditional incandescent bulbs.

This government seems bent on appealing to an emotional people by offering the perception of relief, while causing the reality of destruction. I realize that there is still a large number of misinformed individuals who still do not understand the scientific fallacy of a trace gas (carbon dioxide) having a greater impact on our climate than the cyclical behavior of a violent fireball we know as the sun.

That aside, is it not evident that by dumping mercury in our landfills we kill our fish, wildlife and even our own species? It's not just light bulbs. Do we really want to start loading up our vehicles with a trunk full of batteries? What will we do with them all? What of the pollution from all of the plastic produced to house the battery chemicals? What about the water vapor (the bi-product of "clean fuels"), which is known to be the greatest atmospheric cause of the "greenhouse effect"? What about the increased food costs and decreased food supplies, exacerbated by recent flooding in the Midwest - all so we can create "clean fuel" which in fact requires more energy to produce than it saves when it's burned?

The energy policies coming out of this government are deplorable. Oil companies are suffering public chastising for the pleasure of a sadistic people, while we see all other open market commodity prices continue to inflate out of control. How about strengthening the dollar and taking a bite out of speculative pressure by coming against, not in support of ridiculous energy and economic policies?! How will punishing oil companies with a penalty tax help reduce oil or gas prices? Shouldn't we then cut farmer subsidies and tax them more too? To this government, I say enough with the fašade.

It is my sincere hope that leaders such as yourself, Mr. Poe, will continue to expose the truths of these issues. It is time for our government to quit perpetuating the lies and deception to gain votes by an intentionally misinformed public.

I thank you for your common sense and your courage to stand as you have. I pray that you will continue to do so, with the growing support of your peers and of your constituents. You can let your colleagues know, when they come against you, that there are more of us out there and we demand to be heard at least as equally as the quacks who are turning this into a third-world country.

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