Grandma Died Today - A Tribute to Grandma and Grandpa

By J. Michael

Grandma died today…
With grandpa at her side
He told her that he loved her
She was his joy and pride.

Grandma was so vibrant
Full of life and adventure
She brought a lot of joy,
To everyone who met her.

A special lady she was
But just as all of us do,
She grew old in life,
And her lively body too.

We would go to see her
And I’d take her out to visit
An evening at our home,
Someday how we would miss it.

Her appetite did dwindle
But her smile stayed so strong
A wonderful life she enjoyed,
To grandma, nothing was ever wrong.

Grandma had aged and now was fragile
And grandpa began to weep
He wanted to say goodbye,
How his love for her was deep.

As grandma sensed his presence
His love and compassion she felt
Then quietly she let go
And grandpa’s heart did melt.

Her body lay there still
And grandpa with his broken heart,
Stayed forever by her side
Until death did they part.

I carried grandma out today
For the last time through the door
You lived a wonderful life,
And for that we couldn’t have wished more.

Part II

“Poor Grandma” were his words
As he saw his wife the last time
He longed to have her back,
At the cost of his last dime.

A weak lonely man,
He waved to her casket
“Why did you leave me?”
I’m sure he did ask it.

Grandma was rather young
When grandpa she met
For years they would date,
live, dance and skate!

When they did marry
A promise was made
Their love would grow deep
And in tough times not fade.

A long healthy life
Together they would share
Living together as one
Beyond that of a pair.

A child they had
And grandchildren too
To look in their eyes
We saw “I love you”.

Together they grew,
Lived, danced and played
Tended to garden,
And jarred pickles – homemade!

After years of defiance
Age finally took its toll
Grandpa’s health declined
He held on to his soul.

Now his body was failing
As grandma just passed
Waving to her casket,
He saw her his last.

The next day he would rest
And prepare for tomorrow
His grief was too much
He couldn’t bare the sorrow.

Grandpa was lonely
He missed his wife
One week ago
She passed from this life.

I sat with my grandpa
Holding his hand
His body now hurt
It was like breathing in sand.

His body was sick
His soul ripped in two,
It was time to see grandma
This much he knew.

We told him we loved him
As he spoke his last word
The meds kicked in
And now he was blurred.

Later that night
He breathed his last breath
Suffered his last suffering
And entered his own death.

Grandpa died today
With grandma at his side
She was there to greet him
His new heavenly bride.

A lifetime they did spend
On earth they were together
Never again will they part,
For they vowed to last forever.

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