Have you ever observed the dynamics of a family?
( Letter to Sophia )

A recent experience has made a marked impression on me, and I hope it will have a similar effect on others. This is my letter to Sophia.


Dear Sophia,

It's amazing the things that we overlook as we go about our daily lives. Truly our life is assembled in the moment by moment occurrences that make up the nanoseconds of our existence. Each word that we say, every facial expression we emit, any emotion that we sense are all microcosms of the beings that we are. These little parts of our lives make up a significant part of our complete essence.

Although you are quite young right now, about 4 years of age, I hope this letter will have a lasting message that will grow with sentiment as you grow in age. I had the great pleasure of meeting you this past weekend for the first time, unfortunately under unhappy circumstances. You see, your grandmother had just passed away, and while you weren't overtly aware of what had happened, you had a sense of understanding that was evident to all of us.

As your grandmothers' siblings began to arrive, you quickly attached yourself to one particular sister (your Great Aunt) who shared a striking resemblance to your grandmother. In fact, you told her that she "had a face like grandma". In addition to her appearance, she shared other admirable qualities with your grandmother - qualities that were perceptibly instilled within all of your grandma's siblings. The loving spirit, caring heart, sharp mind and generosity was unmistakable, almost palpable as it was manifest among them.

That evening, your innocent, inquisitive mind began to wonder when you would see your grandma again. Hidden tears were shed as composures were held while careful answers were given. You never got to know your grandma as an adult would, but I could see that you realized with great appreciation her loving devotion to you.

The following day as the minister began the funeral service, your puzzled mind asked what he was doing. It was explained that "the nice man would help us say goodbye to grandma", and you seemed content with that.

Life moves on and pauses for no one, and though time passes us by quickly, sometimes it is we who need to pause for life. When we do, we have the unique opportunity to observe the moments that truly influence us whether we realize it or not. The fullness of our lives isn't just measured in achievements and acquisitions, rather how we conduct ourselves and impact others. Ironically, the fullness of life is built during the times we don't realize it.

Your life, and the life of your grandmother and her siblings have all impacted me and for that I am grateful.

And so, my dearest Sophia, though your grandmother's soul has departed, take comfort that she is held in the warm embrace of her Savior, and that her memories will remain in the tenderness of your heart forever, until the day you are re-united.

Know that you are loved dearly by your family and extended family!

Love and Blessings,

"Uncle" J.

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